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Fractured talus - Our Broken Legs

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February 2nd, 2009

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10:15 pm - Fractured talus
Back in August of '08 i had a..somewhat minor car accident with a major injury.
I fractured my talus (situated in the ankle) and severed the major blood vessel in that area.
Now, 6 months later i am still on the crutches. I can put half my body weight on the ankle (in a boot) but when you think about it- you CANT walk using half your weight on one leg... so i am kinda bummed out my progress has been so slow.
I had surgery the night of the accident where they placed a screw and three wires.
Three months later (they figured the bone would've died) i had more surgery- more screws and a hip bone graft.
Now that was painful folks!
That was three months ago and im still in the boot and crutches =(
My orthapedic surgeon tells me 90% of the people who have my kind of injury (and its a rare one) heal unsuccessfully!
But as you can imagine its had a major impact on my life. I lost my job, my car, ive gained alot of weight, lossed alot of freedom and its put stress on my relationship...
Alas i am trying to keep positive. I quit smoking the next day cold turkey and havnt looked back since =D

I havnt really spoken to anyone with same injury that IS passed the 6 month hump so im anxious to know what lies in store for me long term.. i guess in a way i dont want to know, just hope that maybe ill be one of the lucky 10% !

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